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The Kano State Board of Internal Revenue Headquarter is Located at No 5 Bank Road, Kano City, Kano State of Nigeria. The board was established as an entity in 1982 by an edict of the state government and has 28 Area Offices and 16 other offices in the LGA’s in Kano.

The BIR is managed by Mr. Habu M. Fagge as the Executive Chairman and 7 directors heading various departments.

Our Vision remains, to create a tax friendly environment in the State by putting into motion and force a harmonious tandem wherein the tax paying public and the administrators operate within the ambit of the principles and laws governing taxation.

In all, it is to cause to play out through our operations, a playing ground or platform convinience, satisfaction and happiness of all concerned; wherein none is maginalized nor ill-treated or short changed and where everyone is a winner.


The mission therefore, is to ensure uniformity, harmony and efficiency in personal income tax administration and other taxes in general, while providing advice where the occassion demands, on general tax matters in the State.

We are geared for the purpose of development on behalf of the government of the day, to collect the desired revenue from those it is due. To create a network whereby avoiders/evaders of tax due, will be tracked for compliance and prosecution. To embark on team work as a body corporate, to achieve our statutory goals.


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